frying on this rock

My first story collection revolves around the macabre and absurd manner in which we search for meaning, how misguided we are imagining our seeking will solve problems. The cosmos, laughing uproariously at our efforts, inevitably will decide it’s had enough of each and every one of us, turning our brains into pina colada slushies.

The characters in this book are either administering some monstrous form of their unique power-play onto the world or are its naive victims. The result is a grisly demise to all participants, in many creatively funny ways! Projecting one’s peculiar brand of belief, when given enough energy, can result in terror like this:

-In “The Interstellar Maintenance Man,” newly retired Renaldo Powell has invented an intensely hallucinogenic gum, that when chewed, reveals the reason for life on Earth. People love the flavor, but the aftertaste is devastating.

-Can a workaholic law firm researcher trying to access his true individuality, and a government-grown miniature clown, co-exist without driving each other crazy? “A Flower?” is a story about dying to laugh again.

-“In The Future, Everyone Will Be A Terrorist For Fifteen Minutes” tells the story of Chuck and Riley, two elderly homeless men trying to survive in a new town where terrorism is as natural as breathing, and being accepted means total compliance, or the town’s history will cast its tragic spell.

Let’s face facts. Life, much like this book, is crazy. We’re only a few twitchy fingers from total annihilation. That realization drives the subtle horror, and a not-so-subtle irreality lingering within these stories. ‘Frying On This Rock’ won’t save mankind from itself, but it sure is funny tasting medicine for this new foolish dark age.


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