About Me

Mik Dietlin

Publisher of No Way Out Books, my attempt through fiction to unravel humanity’s need to compartmentalize and destroy life.


A Torrance, California native of 42 years, I moved to the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia in 1999 with my wife Susan. Not exactly the Garden of Eden, but it’s in the general ballpark. I’m a former warehouse manager, now retired, and now can devote all my time to what really matters to me.

My fiction is a mixture of absurdism, horror, futurism, and blatant comedy. I don’t write about “issues of the day”, trying to answer complex problems in my stories as if they’re solvable. My approach is much more general, and it goes something like this: in an insane world the sane man appears insane. Most of the characters in my stories think they’re sane, so I expose their insanity.

If any of the book blurbs interest you, click on the cover images to order. I hope you enjoy the rollercoaster ride.

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